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Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) — Motor vehicle accidents don’t just impact the people involved, they also impact the economy, to the tune of just under $100 billion for medical care and injury-related productivity losses in the United States each year, according to a study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday. That includes $3.6 billion annually toward injuries to children.

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Drivers who think other motorists pose the biggest hazard might want to think again — and pay more attention.

Single-car crashes cause most of the deaths on Delaware roads, and the large majority are blamed on distracted drivers, the AAA Mid-Atlantic mototists? group reported today.

Its analysis of newly released National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data on roadway statistics also shows such deaths are on the rise. Single-vehicle Read the rest of this entry »

Motorists unable to afford payments on pricey cars and gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles in this recession are turning to a time-tested financing solution: matches.

Insurance cheats are torching their vehicles in remote deserts. They’re pushing them off cliffs. They’re sinking them in lakes or ditching them in Mexico in the hopes of getting their policies to pay off, fraud investigators say.

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