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The U.S. property/casualty insurance industry?s 2008 asbestos and environmental losses were the lowest since 2000, according to a report by A.M. Best Co. Inc. slated to be released Monday.

According to the report, net incurred asbestos losses dropped 49.9% to an estimated $1.3 billion in 2008 from a year earlier, while net incurred environmental losses dropped 41.3% to about $400 million.

The decline was the fifth in the past Read the rest of this entry »


In the past few years discussion of failed banks has become a very popular topic and concern both in regional areas and on Capitol Hill. It?s also turned the Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC) and its Chairman Shelia Bair into household names.

The FDIC was established on June 16, 1933 as part of the 1933 Banking Act and began January 1, 1934 as a response to thousands of banks failing in the 1920?s and in the early 1930?s. All Read the rest of this entry »

(CNN) — The number of Americans killed on U.S. highways last year was the lowest since 1961, the Department of Transportation announced Monday.

Last year’s death toll was put at 37,313. In 1961, the number of lives lost was 36,285. The numbers were compiled by the DOT’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In addition, the rate of deaths on U.S. highways hit a record low last year — 1.28 fatalities per 100 million vehicle Read the rest of this entry »

An economic downturn can have a bright side: U.S. highway deaths in 2008 fell to their lowest level since John F. Kennedy was president.

The recession and $4 per gallon gas meant people drove less to save more. Experts also cited record high seat belt use, tighter enforcement of drunken driving laws and the work of advocacy groups that encourage safer driving habits.

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Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) — The Federal Reserve didn’t purchase mortgage-backed securities to add reserves to the banking system for the first time since it began a weekly lending program in March during the heart of the credit crisis.

The Fed had arranged the temporary 28-day repurchase agreements, or repos, every week since the so-called Single- Tranche OMO Program was announced on March 7. Central bankers had sought to help bond dealers Read the rest of this entry »