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If health insurers are hoping to keep Washington out of their industry, they’re going about it in a strange way.

A new report by health care activists shows that the nation’s five largest health insurers covered fewer people last year and still piled up combined profits that were 56 percent higher than the previous year. This is what prompts governments to regulate.

The soaring cost of health care is threatening to drive the American Read the rest of this entry »

WASHINGTON?Two property/casualty insurance industry groups and a self-insurance group asked the U.S. government Friday to delay implementation of mandatory Medicare secondary payer reporting requirements.

The requirements that are to go into effect April 1 are designed to ensure that Medicare remains the secondary payer when a Medicare beneficiary has medical expenses that fall under the primary responsibility of liability insurance?including Read the rest of this entry »

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)–The insurance industry is seeking changes to legislation to create the new Consumer Financial Protection Agency that would prevent insurers from being swept into the agency’s purview.

Thirteen insurance trade groups, in a letter to key lawmakers, asked to exclude mortgage, title and credit insurance from the agency’s oversight. They also want lawmakers to tighten legislative language they fear will place certain Read the rest of this entry »

Highway safety advocates say a deadly gap exists in the nation’s seat belt laws: Most states don’t require adult passengers in the back seat to buckle up.

The District of Columbia and 49 states have seat belt laws for adults, but only 21 states and D.C. require that seat belts be used in all seating positions. Safety advocates such as Barbara Harsha of the Governors Highway Safety Association hope a new federal transportation funding bill will Read the rest of this entry »