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For American hospitals, “the cost of doing nothing in Washington translates into tens of billions of dollars each year in medical bills that go unpaid by patients with little or no insurance,” The New York Times reports. “Nationwide, the cost of unpaid care for hospitals, which includes charity care as well as money that could not be collected from patients, was around $36 billion in 2008. It is expected to spiral higher.” Some hospitals, such Read the rest of this entry »

The tide may be turning for the long buyer-friendly commercial property market, particularly for catastrophe-exposed locations, risk managers, brokers and underwriters say.

Coming off the second-worst year on record in U.S. catastrophe losses, and buffeted by higher treaty reinsurance costs and the global economic downturn, insurers began trying to wrest increases in property rates early this year. They have succeeded to some extent, although Read the rest of this entry »

Rising sea-levels could one day leave significant portions of the Florida Keys underwater, experts say.

Researcher Evan Flugman said in a Florida International University report the Florida Keys are at the forefront of the emerging threat of rising sea-levels in the southern portion of Florida, The Miami Herald reported Sunday.

”South Florida is on the front line against sea-level rise in the United States, and the Florida Keys Read the rest of this entry »

WASHINGTON — Drip, drip, drip come the studies one after another, reinforcing the threat to the Northeast from rising sea levels along the U.S. and Canadian east coast.

If Greenland’s ice melts at moderate to high rates, ocean circulation by 2100 could shift and cause sea levels off the Northeast coast of North America to rise by about 12 to 20 inches more than other coastal areas, researchers report Wednesday in Geophysical Research Read the rest of this entry »