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Four California cities ranked in a list of top 10 hot spots for drunk driving convictions, which ranks cities nationally on where drivers were most frequently cited for drunk driving and related violations.

San Diego and San Jose ranked No. 1 and 2, respectively. San Francisco finished in 8th place on the survey of 20 major metropolitan areas by Foster City-based, just one spot behind the erstwhile City of Angels, Los Angeles.
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WASHINGTON — Making sure drivers keep their eyes on the road will require a network of tough laws, enforcement by police and personal responsibility, the government said Tuesday.

Obama administration officials said during a second summit on distracted driving that it has made progress in pushing states to target drivers who send text messages and use mobile devices from the road, but too many people are being killed because of inattentive Read the rest of this entry »

Traffic deaths tied to driving while distracted by activities such as talking on a mobile phone or eating fell 6 percent last year from the previous 12 months, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said.

Crashes linked to drivers being distracted behind the wheel caused 5,474 deaths last year, down from 5,838 a year earlier and accounting for 16 percent of all road fatalities in 2009, unchanged from the previous year, according to the National Read the rest of this entry »

HELENA, Mont. — Montana has long had a reputation as a place where you could crack open a beer while driving down the interstate just about as fast as you liked.

Until 2005, when the state came under heavy duress from the federal government, it was legal to drink and drive in many places. And a few years before that there wasn’t even a speed limit on major highways and in rural areas.

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One in 12 drivers admitted driving drunk at least once over the course of a year, a government survey released Wednesday found.

One in five, or 20% of the 6,999 people surveyed, said they had driven in the past year within two hours of drinking an alcoholic beverage. Yet an overwhelming majority — four out of five people — consider drinking and driving a major threat to their safety, according to the 2008 survey by the National Highway Read the rest of this entry »

At a time when automakers are stuffing new cars with interactive technology that integrates better with smart phones, iPods and other devices, more teen drivers are playing with these gadgets while driving.

Most teens engage in distracted driving even though almost all are aware that it?s dangerous, according to a survey of nearly 2,000 male and female teen drivers ages 16 to 19 conducted in May by the American Automobile Assn. and Seventeen Read the rest of this entry »

On Jan. 3, 2008, Russell Hurd waited for his daughter at Walt Disney World in Orlando. They were about to plan her dream theme-park wedding.

But Heather Hurd was killed on her way to the meeting. She was a passenger in her fiance’s car, which was stopped at a light when a trucker who was texting on his phone slammed into the vehicle and eight others. Heather and another woman were killed instantly, and six others were injured.

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Indiana would join a growing number of states that have banned texting while driving if legislation approved by a state House committee on Wednesday becomes law.

The House Public Policy Committee voted unanimously for the bill by Democratic Rep. Joseph Pearson of Hartford City after several people told the panel that it would save lives. It would make transmitting text messages or e-mails while driving a Class C infraction with a possible Read the rest of this entry »

All Baltimore mourned the death of a 20-year-old Johns Hopkins University student recently struck and killed by a truck witnesses saw driven erratically earlier in the day. The sadness is likely to turn to outrage at the news that police have charged a man with a long history of drunken-driving convictions in the incident. The death of Miriam Frankl need not be in vain if it spurs lawmakers to make it far more difficult for intoxicated drivers Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s one issue in these contentious times that almost everyone appears to agree on: Driving while typing out text messages on a mobile phone is dumb, potentially deadly and should be banned.

So let’s just ban driving while texting, right? Not so fast. Nothing’s ever that easy, especially when powerful economic interests and different levels of government are involved.

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