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SAN FRANCISCO ?The National Association of Insurance Commissioners Property & Casualty Committee chairman said the panel will begin exploring how to gather data on insurers’ use of credit information to determine premiums.

The committee would like to collect information and develop a report on the controversial credit scoring issue by the third quarter of 2010, according to Illinois Insurance Director and Committee Chair Michael Read the rest of this entry »

Lionel Edwards used to nod off while driving. For years, he’d get behind the wheel and after five to 10 minutes find himself dozing.

“I was so exhausted because I wasn’t getting the proper sleep,” he says. “It was really, really bad, especially at night.”

Two years ago, Edwards, 39, was driving to his Pottstown, Pa., home after working a night shift. He fell asleep, waking to the frantic honking of a woman whose car he was forcing off the Read the rest of this entry »