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Oklahoma’s Instant Auto Insurance Verification Means Some Drivers Will Lose Their Cars

Posted on: March 15, 2010

A new bill has passed the Oklahoma House that could result in fewer cars on the road. The bill permits any vehicle to be towed away immediately if it appears as uninsured with the new instant auto insurance verification system. In response to voters? requests state Representative, Steve Martin, passed the bill in an attempt to take uninsured motorists off the road.

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety has put instant auto insurance verification systems into place to find drivers without sufficient insurance coverage. If you are pulled over and without auto insurance, you may be walking back home. Law enforcement officials have the right to have your vehicle towed or impounded at the scene if it?s discovered that you are uninsured.

What This Means for Oklahoma Motorists

This is good news for motorists in Oklahoma to see uninsured drivers taken off the road. However, if you are the one who doesn?t have insurance coverage, get your walking boots ready. Instant auto insurance verification can tell police if you have insurance coverage for your vehicle in as little as eight seconds! They simply need a license tag number and it pulls up whether the vehicle has adequate liability coverage or not.

These verification systems have been in place for several months, but prior to this bill, law enforcement officials could not seize a vehicle that was uninsured. Now with the use of these verification systems police can bring the problem with uninsured motorists to a minimum.

Take Appropriate Action

While many Oklahoma citizens are happy with this bill, those who may be affected by it are not. After all, who gets enthusiastic about seeing their car towed away? Take the necessary actions so you don?t wind up losing your ride.

Get auto insurance coverageMake your monthly payments Be prepared for the consequences if you are driving uninsured

The best way to avoid having your vehicle towed or paying any hefty fines for driving uninsured is to have auto insurance. You know you?re going to need it to register your vehicle, so don?t let it lapse. You can easily find affordable coverage with instant auto insurance quotes online.

There are dozens of ways to keep your premiums down. Driving uninsured isn?t one of them. It actually ends up much more expensive compared to the rate you pay each month for adequate coverage. With this new bill and the instant auto insurance verification system in place, you can?t hide from the law if you?re uninsured. Victims of auto accidents from uninsured motorists are paying more for it as well as other drivers on their insurance premiums.

If your vehicle gets towed as a result of not having insurance, you may be able to recover it from the impound lot. You will, however, have to meet the law?s requirements before you can retrieve your car. You will need to check with law enforcement about what measures need to be taken in order to recover your vehicle.

Keep auto insurance premiums from rising by insuring your vehicle in accordance with state minimum requirements. If you don?t, you could be facing the consequences. Law enforcement officials are taking advantage of the instant auto insurance verification system to crack down on uninsured drivers.

A word of advice for Oklahoma motorists- if you choose to drive without sufficient insurance coverage, keep a fully charged cell phone handy and hope a good friend with an insured vehicle can pick you up.

By: Mike Silverstone, Car Insurance Analyst

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