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Posted on: February 12, 2010

With many products and services, there’s a delicate balance between core offerings and incentives that must be maintained in order to provide the best service and overall experience possible. At, this knowledge has led to a powerful harmony between the delivery of quality, high volume, truly qualified leads, and the offering of a number of professional and educational resources that can be used to great personal advantage. Aiming to be both a major partner for the nation’s many independent and affiliated insurance agents and brokers, as well as a helping hand to guide industry professionals towards advancement and fulfillment, has combined the best of practical and advanced tools to help its members truly excel.

The concentration at has always rested with the delivery of the best leads possible, backed up by a range of delivery options and precise controls that make working with these leads as efficient and convenient as possible. But this dedication to offering practical tools for insurance sales doesn’t mean that ends its commitment to the success of its members there. The company maintains a sizable, continuously-updated database of resources for insurance agents and brokers, easily accessible off of the main site page. In this information-packed section, you’ll find tips and tricks for improving your sales conversion ratios, and can find suggestions for incorporating new ideas and techniques.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of a special industry resources section, which features directory service to various professional organizations and helpful groups throughout the nation, capable of helping you to further advance your career in insurance. These professional development and learning sections can be enjoyed as occasional reading snippets or in bulk to give your work the jump-start it needs to truly return on your efforts and investments. In addition to these resources, members can visit the multimedia IL Academy, an online space for refining skills and personal understanding of the latest breakthroughs and ideas in the world of insurance.

If you’re looking for a working partner that consistently over-delivers in all the right areas, you’ll love the extra benefits available at You can take advantage of some of the best qualified leads in the industry with effortless, 24/7 control, all while enhancing your professional success and experience through the agent resource and academy features available online. You’ll find other incentives for using one of the most reliable, high-volume leads generation services in the nation, such as regular discounts for loyal members and a special offer of 20 free leads just for signing up on the site. With such an abundance of assistance and a solid foundation of excellent leads, all of your professional needs can be met at Consider the potential of the perfect marriage between basic resources and complimentary incentives to add to your career; it’s a match that both you and your sales record won’t want to miss.
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