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Get in on the Generosity: 20 Free Leads at

Posted on: January 27, 2010

Pretty much everyone has been enticed at some point or other by a special offer from a company, whether it’s something that seems trivial in retrospect or which truly had the potential to be a valuable item. Often, however, such items turn out to be hardly worth the effort of claiming the special offer, and a tendency to treat subsequent offers with bitterness can be hard to avoid. In the insurance industry, special incentives and offers can abound, and some are, of course, more valuable than others. But it is fairly rare to find an offer for insurance agents and brokers that actually contributes to the success of their work directly, and it’s for this reason that has decided to make a special offer out of its most precious commodity: its leads.

Working with a new firm for leads generation services, especially if you’ve never approached online leads generation in the past, can be a bit daunting. It’s important to get a feel for the services offered and to investigate whether or not the move is a good one professionally. This can be a difficult task to accomplish when lead generation companies require special contracts or other obligations aimed at preventing you from deciding to work with someone else. But knows that if an agent or broker isn’t satisfied, no amount of binding contracts will change the matter, and success and reputation will ultimately diminish. As a result, allows new members to fully experience the site and its many resources with a bonus of 20 free leads upon sign-up, a generous offer that doesn’t come with any contracts.

When you receive your free leads, you can explore the respected delivery formats offered by the company, and can discover the ease and efficiency with which leads are directed to your account. With clear, easily-referenced lead information sheets, you’ll find that organizing leads is a simple process. You can also test the advantages of’s excellent multi-tiered quality control system, which uses number pinging and database checking to ensure that each lead is real, contactable, and interested in insurance. Unlike leads who are cold-called or who filled out an information form in the hope of winning a sweepstakes or receiving some other incentive, the prospects at are expecting contact from an agent or broker and have expressed genuine interest in making a purchase. Even if you’re fairly new to the world of insurance sales, you’ll realize that it’s this deep, verified interest that makes the leads at InsuranceLeads.comso attractive.

Even if you’ve received bogus or deceptive offers in the past, you can benefit from the special introductory incentive of 20 free leads at You’ll find that not all companies are out to make a quick buck; on the contrary, some are truly dedicated to keeping their professional relationships ans strong and lengthy as is possible.
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