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Agents Warned Of Fake Regulators’ Scam

Posted on: June 8, 2009

Authorities issued a “Scam Alert” yesterday warning that imposters were posing as insurance department employees targeting agents and brokers in Nevada and California seeking confidential personal data.

Nevada Insurance Commissioner Scott Kipper said in the announcement that his division received reports that individuals have been calling licensed insurance agencies and representing themselves as employees of the Nevada Division of Insurance.

Maria Dal Pan Dias said fraudsters tell their targets that they are facing license suspension for failing to file proper paperwork, and the situation can be rectified, but they must supply data such as date of birth, social security number, credit card number and telephone numbers.

She said that the phone scammers yesterday called an agency in Las Vegas where one employee told them to put their request in writing, but they made a second call to another member of the agency who gave out their social security, home telephone, cell phone, date of birth and insurance license number.

The Nevada department said calls have also been made to agents in California.

Callers, said Ms. Dias, have referred to various non existent phony form numbers or letters telling their intended victims that their license has been suspended because they have failed to send in the “form.”

If they provide the necessary data they are told they will be given an extension so that the proper forms can be sent out, Ms. Dias recounted.

Commissioner Kipper warned agents and brokers that “these individuals are NOT employees of the Nevada Division of Insurance and are attempting to scam insurance agencies for financial gain. It is not the policy, practice or procedure for the Nevada Division of Insurance to request credit card or social security information over the telephone, with regards to a payment.

“If agents and brokers receive a telephone call requesting this information, they are advised not to provide the caller with any personal information including credit card or social security numbers, as the Nevada Division of Insurance will always be able to provide written confirmation regarding any payment request.

“They also should contact the local law enforcement agency as well as the Nevada Division of Insurance at (775) 687-4270 in Carson City, (702) 486-4009 in Las Vegas, or toll free at 1 (800) 992-0900.

Mr. Kipper said there is an active investigation of the scam, which was also reported as occurring Tuesday in California, where fraudulent calls were made to fictitiously represent the California Department of Insurance.

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