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Convert Leads To Sales With Live Transfer Leads

Posted on: April 3, 2009

Finding new insurance customers is key to your business success. Sometimes even the most well placed ads can only attract so much business. Cold-calling is even less effective. If your search for new customers has run cold, or cold-calling has left you with little results, live transfer insurance leads just might heat up your business.

With a qualified lead, contact information has been verified before submitting to the agent. The prospect calls the lead generation call center, expresses interest in the type of insurance they want to buy, and then they are connected to an agent. No more voicemails to talk to, just a live motivated prospect.

You can find live transfer insurance leads and online insurance leads at

•With no contract you can get qualified insurance leads, customized to your profile preferences.

•You have access to your profile at any time through your online account.

•All of our insurance leads are screened for accuracy and verified with our quality control system.

•Bad leads can receive a credit refund.

•Our follow up email system will send out emails on your behalf to your insurance leads.

Find out how to get up to $200 in free insurance leads at

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