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An Insurance Agency of One

Posted on: March 30, 2009

Maybe you don?t own your own insurance agency or have a team of assistants at your beck and call, but you can still expand your business? reach just as if you were a large company. You can use client management services to help you keep track of customers and follow up with them. There?s nothing better than a satisfied customer to expand your clientele. Satisfied customers become like your own personal sales team, spreading your name among friends and family and garnering new referrals for your business.

If you find a service or technology that can streamline your business, by all means take advantage of it. Instead of spending all of your time on marketing and leads generation, you can pay someone else to do the work for you. By outsourcing this task you free up more time to sell insurance and actually make money. brings new potential clients right to your email inbox or in some cases over the phone. Our lead generation service allows you to purchase the leads you want according to your criteria with no contract or long term commitment. Customize your leads by amount you want to receive per day, week, or month, geographical area or other specifications. We have the largest selection of insurance leads from long term care insurance to auto insurance. Using the best quality control system, you get real time, verified insurance leads. There?s no risk if you get a bad lead because of our refund policy. We also have live transfer insurance leads where you talk to a prospect over the phone.

You could spend valuable time trying to generate leads on your own, or let us do the work for you so you have more time to devote to selling insurance. Find out how to get up to $200 in free insurance leads with our matching promotion at
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An Insurance Agency of One

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