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What To Look For In A Lead Generation Service

Posted on: February 27, 2009

Using a lead generation service is quickly turning into the best way to increase sales and find new prospects. Problem is there’s a mind boggling amount of insurance lead generation companies out there all promising you the same thing…more hot prospects. How do you weed out the contenders from the pretenders? Here’s a quick guide.

Avoid getting wrapped up into a long contract. Your business needs or circumstances could change in an instant, the last thing you need is an inflexible long term commitment to tie you down. Many lead generation companies require lengthy, year-long contracts when you sign up for their services. You need a lead generation service that can adapt to the fast pace of business.

Once you narrow down your choices, you need to make sure that you find a company with high quality insurance leads. It’s easy to get caught up in purchasing a large amount of leads at a cheap price. There’s no point in buying cheap leads if they don’t lead to any serious prospects. On the other hand, don’t assume that a more expensive lead is necessarily a higher quality lead. Really, price has little to do with the quality of the lead. Find out the source of the companies insurance leads. Do they generate leads by offering prizes or other enticements to customers? This could result in low quality leads comprised of individuals not really interested in buying an insurance policy. A quality lead should go through several screening processes before it ever lands in your inbox. You are busy enough, why waste your time on bad leads.

Even the most careful screening and use of technology filters may occasionally let a bad lead slip through. Does the company offer you a full refund for bad leads…perhaps, leads with inaccurate contact information?

The best lead generation companies are utilizing the most advanced technology to serve their clients. This does not only involve filters for leads, but easy online access to your account and live transfer options. Live transfer leads connect you to the insurance prospect immediately over the phone. Talking directly to a hot prospect can increase your chances of closing the deal.

What else does the lead generation service have to offer in terms of increasing your closing ratio and help you grow your business? Marketing tools like email templates for contacting prospects can be very helpful. They should also have a skilled customer service team in place if you need assistance with your account or have questions. fits the above description perfectly. Check out all of these benefits.

No contracts or commitments in order to buy leads 24-hour access to your online account so you can manage your leads anytime, anywhere A generous credit policy so you don’t have to pay for bad leads Leads that are always fresh and delivered in real time, just seconds after the consumer requests a quote You get only the types of leads you want by customizing your lead filters by number of leads you want to receive a day, territory selection and many other preferences A state-of-the-art quality control system which reduces the chance you receive a bad lead by screening out incomplete quote applications, gibberish data and inaccurate contact information Our patented follow up system that sends up to five emails on your behalf to your insurance leads, reminding them to contact you A wide variety of insurance leads products from as well as shared and exclusive insurance leads live transfer insurance leads that put you on the phone with a prescreened motivated prospect

Right now, newly activated insurance leads accounts have the opportunity to receive up to $200 in free insurance leads. Visit to find out how.

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